While we were skiing in Austrai, Sean Kelsi and I went to the ‘Apres Ski Party’ (after ski party). It was awesome! It started off with the austrian MC (they speak german over there) singing some german song. We don’t speak German. Slight problem there.


It was really funny. Sean, Kelsi and I sang a million songs with the help of our ‘adopted’ Australian friend from London, Joe. We got really into it. Every time we sang a song, we chose the upbeat party songs and got everyone up doing actions and dancing on tables and benches.
Our playlist included: Pretty fly (for a white guy), Sweet Home Alabama, Keep on moving, Wonderwall, We will rock you, … among others. We had the best time ever. We got to know the Austrian MC, Toni, really well. We talked to him all night (in between yelling out songs and dancing). Turns out he was a ‘carny’ (from the ‘carny folk’ lot) in Australia for a couple of years, before becoming a ski instructor in Austria. We met up with him on one of the bars on the ski slopes the next day and had a beer. What a legend!

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