This is the website that I will be using to stay in touch with everyone (or just mum) and let everyone know what i’m doing in Scotland and everything through Europe.

Pretty easy to remember, and you’re already here, so no real point in putting it there. Also, email will be:

(It’s an ego thing).

Hopefully, i’ll be updating this site regularly and adding photos, videos and just general info for all my readers (that’s you mum).

I leave on the 3rd January, on the same flight over as Sean, Jez and Geraldine, so only 3 more weeks of sunshine and above freezing temperatures. 3 more weeks until I step into an unknown world. A world where red heads are more than just a joke on an episode of Summer Heights High. Ha ha. Maybe not.

I’m also going on the Topdeck tour with all the other gappies (and people flying over from Aus) during the summer break. I will post info about this on the page labelled ‘Topdeck Tour’ (above) for anyone that’s already booked, or thinking about flying over to meet up with all the gappies. It would be good if people could leave comments to this page with any other info you might have. Could become a quite handy Q & A type thing (if you catch my drift).

This website was an early 18th present from the Sinclairs (Brendon is a web designer). Thanks!

To everyone back home, KEEP IN CONTACT! Send me a comment or email! I’ll miss you guys!

Anyway, that’s all from me.