Hi everyone!

I’ve arrived in England!

As i write this, i’m on a train from London to Edinburgh!

Train trip

Currently, when i load my pics onto this site, the memory for each photos is HUGE, so would take you about 10 mins from a 56k modem to see them (thanks for the tip brendon).

I left Australia from Brisbane airport on the 3rd. Luggage was a few kilos over the limit (so a massive fee), but I slipped my foot under the luggage conveyor belt and lifted my foot up when they were weighing the bags – reducing the total weight by about 6kg (sneaky sneaky).

On the plane with Sean and jez was awesome! The first few hours were the most i’ve laughed in ages – a pity the plane trip lasts a lot longer than a few hours.


7 hours later, and after a few in flight movies, we arrived in Singapore Airport. After another 7-8 hours (and even more in flight movies and a colouring book) we arrived in Abu Dabi (don’t have a clue how to spell it), in the United Arab Emirates. Weirdest airport ever! It was like being inside a huge mosiaced soccer ball.

Flight 2

Another 7-8 hours, and we arrived in Heathrow airport – absolutely massive!

Flight 3

All the all saints gappies went our separate ways (there were 10 of us on the flight). I went with Nick Hare (the guy who runs ‘Letz Live’, an ex-student from ASAS. He organises gap for school leavers) and his group of about 15 gappies (from all over Australia). We dumped our bags at a backpackers and then set out to see the sights of London.

London was amazing (and bloody freezing!). Old buildings, cobblestone roads and English accents! We walked through a park (Hyde?) to Buckingham palace to see the changing of the guard (along with about 5000 other people). The fluffy-hat brigade marched in with a marching band – a whole lot of fuss really. But then again, if i had to stand completely still for that long, i’d want a big celebration to mark the end of my shift too! (this happens every single day at 11:30 am).
Buckingham Palace                Nick Hare Gappies in London

Also, got an awesome photo with an english policeman. (again, will post all these photos when i get it sorted – watch this space). Then just sort of wandered around London, using the Tube (subway) to get around.
Mitchell on the Tube

Had dinner at an old english pub – or tried to. I kept falling alseep. Nick Hair was awesome. I thoroughly recommend anyone going on gap next year to get in contact with nick (www.letzlive.com.au).

Got up the next morning at about 5:30 to catch the train from Kings Cross (that’s right, the one from monopoly) to Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m currently on the train now, watching the beautiful English countryside roll by.

So that’s everthing up to date. Hope everyone is well back home and i’ll write some more when i arrive at my school (Ardvreck).