This has been a crazy week. It started on Tuesday…

Edinburgh 1Us four gappies were invited to a gappies conference organised by the scottish independent schools council thingy. We were kindly given the day off to go to this, so we travelled by train and arrived in Edinburgh at about 9:30am. Edinburgh is amazing! It was in the local Hilton hotel (no complaints here!).

Edinburgh 2 We met a heap of other gappies from all over the world (but mostly Australia) who are working in Scotland this year. There were about 40 or 50 odd gappies there. Strangely enough, I met a guy at the conference who I knew from the Bond Uni weekend! The conference was what you’d expect (“what would YOU do if…”, “Do you think that is the right decision? Why/Why not?”). The buffet lunch at the Hilton restaurant was mouth-wateringly gorgeous!

3 Other Gappies from ArdvreckWe then had the whole afternoon off to explore Edinburgh… so we all went to the nearest pub! Ha ha.

Had a great time with all the other gappies! We all promised to meet up that weekend for the exeat (or long weekend) in Edinburgh! Which we did (but that part comes later).

Then us four ardvreck gappies did actually explore edinburgh.

Me in Edinburgh 2

Little did I know, at midnight the following weekend, I would be sprinting down the streets of Edinburgh…                                                          Why?         Watch this space…