My half-term, week-long holiday was fast approaching, but luckily, I had it planned, booked and paid for months in advance. Ok, no. We actually snagged a last minute deal about 6 days out!   🙂               

(WARNING! This post is absolute rubbish. Don’t waste your time reading this one unless you are really bored. If you think you are going to get some quality stories and pics about me travelling, you are wrong. This one is pretty much a load of nonsense.)

So on the first day of my holidays, I got up early – Austria is a long way. Getting there was an absolute nightmare!

Step 1: Walk 20 mins into town (with heavy bags).
Step 2: Catch a lift by car to a place nearby Edinburgh (1 and 1/2 hrs)
Step 3: Catch 15 min bus to Edinburgh station
Step 4: Catch 5 hr train to Kings Cross station in London.
Step 5: Catch the underground train to Leicester Square
Step 6: Get lost somehow on the underground
Step 7: Catch underground train to Waterloo
Step 8: Catch 1 and 1/2 hr train to Southampton airport

So by this time, I had been travelling for about 9 hrs, and was still in the UK!

In Southampton (southern region of the UK, who would’ve thought?), I met up with Sean Powyer and Emily Hirst, a gap student at Sean’s school. Me and Sean were really itching for a McFlurry, so we set off in search of a maccas.

Me and sean

After walking around in the freezing cold for a good 40 minutes, and not finding any sign of McDonald’s, we felt quite disheartened. But then, a clue:

We were getting close!

We kept walking and did some bushwacking and skirted along the edge of a small creek. No Maccas. We kept walking, and eventually found a late night supermarket! Huzah!


Then we went back to our hotel. We really didn’t have anywhere to stay, so it was looking as if we were going to sleep the night at the airport, except emily’s dad kindly paid for us to stay the night in an awesome hotel! It was so good. It had these great showers that had about 5 shower heads all coming in from different angles, saunas, spas… everything. Poor Kelsi arrived late and had to sleep the night in the airport after all! But it gets worse… the airport was closed! So she had to sleep outside on a bench in the freezing cold uintil early in the morning when somebody came and opened it up! Poor Kelsi!

Next morning, we head off to Austria!