This long weekend (exeat), I went into Edinburgh. Again, I left with no real idea what I was doing, but met a bunch of people and had a great time! Firstly, I met up with Geraldine, Damo and Jamilla from All Saints. They then left and I went to the pub… with 13 girls! Ha ha. Just lucky I guess. 

 me with 13 girls in a pub

Then out clubbing with the same group of people who I met the last time I went into Edinburgh! (see ‘Living the True Life of a Gappy’


On the Saturday, while the girls went shopping (for 7 hours!), I went out with one of the lads who I met the night before and just cruised around Edinburgh. Then back to his mate’s place (who I hadn’t met before) for the night. Everyone over here is really friendly and welcoming like that.

Anyway, I guess just another weekend in the life of a gappy. Ha ha! 😉