After the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona Spain had finished, we needed to get to Barcelona airport for a quick flight to Athens for our week long cruise of the Agean. Simple enough right?

Unfortunately, we didn’t exactly realise that Pamplona was on the other side of the country to Barcelona, and that all of the buses were fully booked.

We ended up needing to catch four different trains, and would arrive at the airport within ten minutes of the boarding gates for our flight closing. Very, very tight. Unfortunately, we stopped from catching the final train, four hours from the airport in Barcelona. We were stuck. We couldn’t make our flight, and would forfeit our cruise of the Greek islands. All was  lost. But then we met two American women who were in a similar situation. We pooled all of our money together, and hired two hire cars to drive the rest of the way.  We needed to make a four hour car journey take only three. It was still going to be very, very close.

This is Hugh and I chilling with some random drunken spanaird in a train station.


We drove on the highway at 160km/h (100m/h) for three hours straight! We absolutely flew past the traffic, and made it to the airport with time to spare!