The fair city of Amsterdam.

The European capital of sex, drugs and… more sex and drugs. I’m sure there’s some history surrounding this place, but if there is it’s completely overshadowed by neon lights, scantily clad women and crazy people running around stoned out of their heads.

The Red Light District

Above is the only picture I have inside the Red Light District. Taking pictures there isn’t condoned. Shop fronts and the ‘window girls’ close the curtains to their stores as soon as a camera is spotted. And then comes the security…

It was a really interesting place to walk around, and the night life was amazing!

A night out

I met up with the same Scottish lads who I’d met in Prague and they joined us all on a night out.
A night out

Oh yeah, and here’s Anne Franks house, and the bookshelf that hid her families secret hiding place.

Anne Frank’s House

Amsterdam is actually a really pretty city by day, and is full of canals – I thought it looked better than venice.

 And that was the last stop on a three week long topdeck tour with 40 girls and just 3 guys. I had survived (just), and can now truly appreciate the joys of hair straightening, make up applying and just general whining.