The beer halls are massive, temporary buildings which hold thousands upon thousands of beer drinkers! There would be at least 15 of these massive structures, which are put up by different breweries. So, depending on which beer hall you’re in, you can only buy one type of beer – and it only comes in one litre size!

Beer Hall

Beer Hall

It’s really difficult to get into the beer halls. Clare, Nancy and I qued outside the beerhalls at about 8:30 every morning with thousands of others and then rush in to grab a table. When the doors opened at 9 o’clock, we rushed in to grab a table (which is the only place where you’ll be served).
Nancy and Me

Everyone shares their table with a whole bunch of other people, and after 20mins, everyone there is everyone’s best friend. We’d be sitting at the same table with the same bunch of people for up to 10 hours, so we all become pretty chummy with our german pals.

Best pals

Moustache man