That’s a lot of beer!!!
The Stein and Me

Oktoberfest is steeped in tradition. All beer must be transported to the beer halls by horse and cart.
Nancy and the horses

Clare and the beer horses

We did a tour of Munich, and it seems that pretty much all of the cities history revolves around beer! e.g. In the 1600’s, the cathedral was on fire. It was so cold at the time, that all the water in Munich was frozen! So the citizens of Munich formed a chain of people, and passed mugs of beer through the hands to try and put out the fire! I wonder why they failed… “One for me, one for the fire…”

One night, we drank in the famous “Hauffbrau House”. This is where Hitler first rose to power and made all of his first big speeches. Kind of scary…
But we had a good time anyway!